We are happy to help you select a new frames/sunglasses but this must be done with a staff member who will help and sanitise the frames afterwards.


We know that fashion and style are important. That is why we only sell the latest collections from leading brands – ranging from budget to designer frames our experienced staff will ensure that we will get a frame to suit you.


A regular eye test does a lot more than check whether your eye sight needs correcting. It’s a vital health check that can pick up early signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract, age related macular degeneration and detect underlying general health problems.


A comfortable and a great alternative to wearing glasses particularly for sport, travel or social wear. They are also of benefit to patients with high prescriptions. Even if you wear contact lenses it is vitally important that you have a pair of spectacles as a “back up”.

John Daly Opticians Cork

Specialists in rimless Lindberg spectacles

Two floors of frames to choose from

Accept all other opticians prescriptions

Are happy to put new lenses into your existing frame

Undertake spectacle repairs and often this can be done while you wait if possible

Have disabled access, wheelchair access

Offer full after sales service