A comfortable and a great alternative to wearing glasses.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are very comfortable and a great alternative to wearing glasses particularly for sport, travel or social wear. They are also of benefit to patients with high prescriptions. Even if you wear contact lenses it is vitally important that you have a pair of spectacles as a “back up” when contact lenses cannot be worn because of eye infections, hay fever, etc..

Daily Lenses

No cleaning required, simply throw them away after one use and replace with a fresh pair. Ideal for social or sports wear or as an alternative to your glasses

Two weekly lenses/ Monthly lenses
An option if you want to wear contact lenses a few times a week.

RGP Rigid Gas Permable
These offer those with unusual or high prescriptions.

Mulitfocal contact lenses are also available.

The Fitting:

As contact lenses are worn on the eye it is important to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that the prescription is current. During the test the size, shape and curvature of your eye is measured. From all this information, the optometrist will determine which lens would suit you most.

For first time wearers it is important that you can insert and remove your lenses, and you practice good hygiene and contact lens management. We will give you a full tuition on how to handle your lenses.

We supply and fit all the leading brands.