We have a varied range of lenses to choose from

We have a varied range of lenses to choose from according to your needs and the recommendation of the optometrist.

Single vision lenses – For the correction of long or short sightedness.

Bifocal lenses – For correction of both distance and reading vision

Varifocal lenses – For the correction of distance and reading vision with additional correction for intermediate vision.

We have an on-site workshop where we can ensure that repairs and glasses can be supplied within the shortest time possible.

All lenses are available with a range of added features and benefits, which include:

Anti reflection coating
Invaluable for VDU users and for drivers, this coating allows more light to travel through the lens and into the eye, reducing glare and reflection.

UV Coating
Protects the eye against the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun.

A range of colours and shades of tint from light daily wear to full sunglasses protection.

Photochromic lenses
These use the suns UV rays to darken in bright weather and lighten in more overcast conditions and indoors.

High Index lenses
Reduced thickness lenses to improve the weight and cosmetic look of your glasses.

Polycarbonate lenses
More robust thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses.